Super Green Drink

The following ingredients are provided as a suggestion for a great tasting beverage only and are not intended to cure any disease or condition.

The recipe is not rigid and you can add or subtract items according to your preference. This is the formula that I use for my family. I keep it mainly consistent, but I do vary it slightly depending on what I have in stock and the latest research that I read. The three ingredients that I never change are the green items listed at the top. Also, the manufacturers that are listed below are the ones that I use, however you can substitute other brands if you wish. I don't know the dosages of the other brands, though. When in doubt, use Manufacturers Suggested Dosages. I use between 8 to 12 ounces of water, but you can use any type of juice, if you want the calories.

I suggest that you place vitamin pills (except time release), in the blender and liquify them. It works best to put tablets in first to soak for a few minutes, and open the capsules and empty out the ingredients. Also, poke a hole in any liquid capsule (ex: essential oils) and empty out the liquid. This makes them all much more absorbable by your body and allows you to get all the benefit from taking them.

Keep in mind that there are some very powerful agents and you may experience various transient detoxification symptoms at first (based on manufacturers claims). If this occurs, reduce the amount of each item and build up slowly.

Good Luck and please send me your feedback or questions to [email protected]

1. Perfect Food (Green Powder), 2 heaping table spoons

Garden of Life, Inc.,

2. Primal Defense (Probiotic), 2 tablets

Garden of Life, Inc.,

3. Tonic Alchemy (Green Powder), 1 heaping table spoon

Dragon Herbs,

4. Sun Chlorella (Green Tablets or Powder), 10 large tablets or 1-2 powder packets

Sun Chlorella USA Corporation,

5. Bee Propolis, 2 capsules

Bennetts Honey Farm,

6. Royal Jelly, 2 capsules

Bennetts Honey Farm,

7. Liquid Multivitamin - Glacial Milk Brand, 1 oz.

ITC Corp. of America, (available at Costco)

8. Vitamin C, 1500 mg +

Any Source

9. Platinum Plus Essential Fatty Acids - Flax/Borage Oils, 3 capsules

Super Nutrient Corp.,

10. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids / Protein, 4 capsules

Super Nutrient Corp.,

11. Ground Flax Seed, 2 table spoons

Spectrum Essentials, (available at Whole Foods Mkt)

12. Frozen Blueberries, 1/4 to 1/2 cup

Any market but try to find organic


1. Banana, 1/2 to 1

2. L-Lysine, 1000 mg.

3. Km, 1-2 table spoons

Matol, Inc.,